Complimentary Consultation

Tresor Estate Sales Complimentary Consultation

Once you are ready to get started with your estate sale, we will be there to guide you through the entire process beginning to end. Trésor Estate Sales will handle all the details.

Step 1: The In-home Consultation

We understand that every individual who calls us has a uniquely different situation. We utilize the complimentary consultation as an opportunity for you to get all of your questions answered and for us to understand exactly what you are looking for so that we can customize a plan than works best for you. At this point together we will decide if an estate sale event, consignment/auction, or a combination of both best suites your needs and the contract will be drawn up for the desired event.

Two Notes of Advice Prior To Our Consultation Meeting:

First, do not feel the a clean out is necessary prior to our meeting. You will be surprised at what will sell at a Trésor Estate Sale. Secondly, try and be certain as to what items will be included in the sale. This helps us make an accurate evaluation.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in a FREE CONSULTATION!

For more information about the estate sale process, visit our information archive. 

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