Consider A Living Estate Sale

A new type of estate sale is the Living Estate Sale.


This type of sale is for those who are not moving from their home immediately but have accumulated a lifetime of treasured items and would like to simplify before their executor or children have their responsibility in their hands. This generally is done right before or at retirement age. It’s the act of taking charge and eliminating (or at least lessening) this burden for others. Living with less can also be very freeing and will simplify your life. Your children might encourage you not to worry, however, most of us can remember the feeling of making a hard decision on our families behalf. Giving family the responsibility of selling valued possessions (after you pass or move to assisted living) can be stressful. Simplify your life while you still can make these decisions. When you decide to sell, the extra money will help you check off items on your bucket list! Trésor Estate Sales executed Living Estate Sales for many clients, so please visit our review page feed back!

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