How The Estate Sales Process Works

How the Estate Sale Process Works…

• Schedule a complimentary consultation where we will meet with you to discuss the best possible option(s) for the items you want to sell.

• We will research and assign prices for your estate items providing you with a clear value. This independent evaluation is essential not only for a successful sale but for your peace of mind.

• We sort, organize and prepare the home for your estate sale. On occasion, an off-site sale may be necessary, and in these cases we will determine the best location and organize the sale for that venue. We call these our Pop-Up Events!

• We specialize in the staging of the home. As a decorator, Maura recognized the importance of presentation in achieving the maximum price for your items.

• We coordinate all advertising and promotion of the sale through print and on-line media as well as notifying buyers from our proprietary customer list.

• We provide congenial sales, security, and moving staff to ensure a safe professionally run sale.

• We accept credit cards making it easier for buyers while boosting sales.

• We may coordinate a thorough clean-out of remaining items including the handling of any items you wish to donate to charity.

• We offer to coordinate a house cleaning that prepares the house for the sale and relieves the family, executors and realtors of the burden of this work.

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