How We Prepare For an Estate Sale

Step 2 – Estate Sale Event, Consignment & Auction

If we all decide that an estate sale event best suits your needs, Trésor Estate Sales preparation will go as follows:

▪ Schedule – Together we will schedule a date for the event. Each event usually runs between two and three days.
▪ Staging – The goal of our team is to stage your home as a showroom. This provides the best shopping experience for our shoppers and in return provides the highest return for your items. Staging may take between three to seven days.
▪ Pricing – Each item will be marked with a price tag. We have a team of researchers and a network of appraisers that we work with closely to ensure each of your items are being priced in accordance with today’s fair market value.
▪ Photography – We will take extensive photos of your treasures for proper advertising of the sale.
▪ Event Staffing – All events will have a cashier, a security guard, and as many sales associates as needed.
▪ Advertising – We have a network of people who we advertise to. We are members of several online advertising sites, email lists and publications and have established relationships with buyers throughout the region. Our extensive outreach allows us to reach a large audience.
▪ Signage – On the day of the sale, professional signs will be strategically placed around your neighborhood to ensure maximum attendance, if the city allows.
In some situations our trained team will identify certain items that are better suited for consignment or auction. In these cases our team will collect these items and sell them in the appropriate manner.

For more information about the estate sale process, visit our information archive. 

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