About Us

Trésor:  (treh’-sohr) French n, treasure, riches.

Trésor Estate Sales is a professional estate sale management company located in Newport, RI.  Trésor serves the needs of individuals, lawyers, bankers, estate executives, trustees and realtors by combining a variety of strategies and services to place their client’s valuables in the proper markets to yield the highest return. Whether relocation, downsizing, death or dissolving a marriage, Trésor Estate Sales has a profitable solution for you and your clients.

Trésor Estate Sales is Bonded and Insured!

Maura Lindsay, the owner of Trésor Estate Sales is an antiques and interior decoration professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. Moving to Newport over 20 years ago, Maura reconnected with her passion for antiques while decorating her new home. She took a part time position in an antiques shop which inevitably lead Maura into the resale business. From this position in the antique shop to working in regional auction houses and ultimately opening her own shop in her Connecticut barn, Maura has gained critical knowledge in the identification, valuation, organization and selling of antique and vintage items.

With a similar enthusiasm for interior decoration (two of her homes have appeared in home decor magazines), Maura has renovated and redecorated nine homes over a 20 year period. These experiences have provided her with a broad knowledge in the valuation of contemporary furnishings and decorations.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

  • Offer our clients the full range of services from estate sales to auction brokerage and fine consignment allowing them to choose the option the suits their situation.
  • Obtain the maximum dollar value that each item deserves.
    Discover any hidden value items and place them with appropriate outlet in which to market and sell for best results.
  • Provide clients with professional, friendly, and discrete appraisal and estate sales management service.
  • Ensure prompt payment (within 7 days) upon completion of sales.

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