What Can Buyers Expect: Part 3


Our knowledgeable Trésor Estate Sale associates are stationed throughout the house to answer questions and occasionally write up customer orders. They are unable to hold items as all purchases are on a first come first serve basis. We have cashiers stationed throughout the house to assist in cashing out customers expediently. Tresor offers limited shopping bags and wrapping paper. The buyers are expected to do their own wrapping. Security is stationed at the exit and entry of the house to maintain general order and to check receipts and merchandise.

If you purchase larger items that require moving, for safety reasons, we request that you pick them up towards the end of the day. We will have staff available to assist you in moving these items if needed. Should you wish your items delivered, we can recommend local movers.
Thank you for shopping with Trésor Estate Sale. And, thank you for recycling!!

For more information, read What Can Buyers Expect: Part 2.

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